Food Dehydrator Dog Treats

Make Your Own Doggy Treats

Recently, there have been numerous animal food recalls and alerts from popular pet food brands. From potential salmonella contamination to antibiotic residues, it’s hard to know exactly what your pet is eating.  The only way to maintain control and make sure that your pet is getting fresh food without harmful additives and preservatives is to make it yourself.

You and your family can make wholesome and delicious treats for your favorite family pet – right in your own home.  With simple ingredients like oats, bran, molasses, barley, apple scraps, and water you can create mouth watering treats that will have your pets begging for more.

A food dehydrator can help you make easy, delicious, and nutritious treats for your pet without worrying about pet food recalls or mystery ingredients.  These homemade treats will have NO additives and NO preservatives; making them the most natural treats you could possible give your pets.

Recently, Excalibur Dehydrators launched a new clear door dehydrator so you no longer have the interrupt the drying process to view progress. Available in 5 or 9 tray models with timer or as an add-on accessory for current owners of Excalibur’s dehydrators, Excalibur’s new clear doors allow you to watch the dehydration process in action.

Here are a few of the healthy treats you could make at home with the help of a food dehydrator:

These all natural chicken jerky strips make the perfect snack for your dog, plus they are so good you can even eat them yourself! A few quick tips for easy preparation: Popping the meat into the freezer for about 15 minutes beforehand makes the meat much easier to slice thinly, and the thinner you slice the meat, the less time it takes to dry.


This is a very simple dog chew/treat- your dog will love this one and it is easy to make.

Thoroughly wash and peel sweet potatoes. Slice the sweet potato into 1/4″ slices- you can also cut down the middle lengthwise and slice into 1/4″ strips.

Dehydrate at the highest setting 145 – 155 until done. Drying approximately 6-8 hours will leave them with a chewy texture. For crunchier treats dehydrate longer until the desired consistency.

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