Don’t Forget About Dental Health


February is Pet Dental Health Month and it’s one aspect of care many pet parents tend to overlook. Healthy teeth and gums are just as important for your dog as they are for you! While a dog’s tolerance for “brushing” may vary, it’s a good habit to get into early on. Similar to humans, plaque on a dog’s teeth can ...

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Ben & Jerry’s Enters the Doggie Dessert Market

ben and jerry's ice cream

Those fun folks at Ben & Jerry’s that deliver delicious desserts for humans are now doing the same for doggie consumers. We are thrilled and delighted at the idea of another frozen treat for pups but Ben & Jerry’s really missed the mark with their recommendations for eating this frozen delight. The company is currently offering two flavors. Pontch’s Mix ...

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Dinner Time!


We’re very particular about what we feed our dogs and you should be, too. Here are a few options we’ve researched that get four paws up from both dog moms and taste testers. SquareEgg Leveraging the world’s most perfect protein source, SquarePet™ developed the SquareEgg dog food line.  With a cage-free egg and whey base, it provides an easy-to-digest and ...

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Dog Christmas Ornaments


Our Christmas tree is definitely decked out with many different dog-themed ornaments and we just couldn’t pass these up from Old World Christmas. Crafted of blown glass, they have a large assortment of dog breed ornaments (including our beloved pit bull!) as well as some generic dog-themed ornaments such as a dog bowl, bone, and dog house. Prices range from ...

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A Solution for Wrinkly Breeds


Some of the most adorable dog breeds around are the ones with wrinkles! Those very wrinkles and folds that make English Bulldogs, Frenchies, Pugs, Shar Peis and other popular wrinkly breeds so very loveable can also harbor moisture, yeast and bacteria. This makes for not only a stinky face, but can lead to discomfort and infection down the line. Squishface ...

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Dog Breed Soy Candles


We love these dog breed soy candles! With individual and distinct fragrances each candle is designed to capture their unique breed standard and one-of-a-kind personality. For example, the Rescue candle has notes of green grass and warm sunshine because they like to say he or she is thankful for their new backyard or dog park! There are over 35 breeds ...

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Corc Yoga’s Paw-Some New Dog Mats


Corc Yoga is already well-known by chaturanga champions and yoga novices alike for their line of 100% plastic & chemical free yoga mats and accessories made with cork harvested in Portugal, a renewable resource that simultaneously revitalizes the practice and supports an environmentally viable future.   And in honor of National Pet Day this Saturday, now our canine and feline companions can join in – introducing the Downward ...

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I and Love and You Launches New Products


I and Love and You has launched a couple of new products for your dog: Sir Mix a Little Fresh dog food with human grade meat, veggies and fruit. Simply add water to each reusable package, stir and mix a little! It offers a fresh alternative to canned food and can easily be made ahead and stored in the fridge ...

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Sun Protection Tees

gold paw tee3

Our dogs may be covered in fur but that doesn’t mean they are immune to sunburn. Summer is only half way over so there are plenty more hot days to come. Gold Paw Series offers the perfect sun-protection option with their new Sun Shield Tee. This shirt for fido offers UV protection but is designed for warm weather comfort. The ...

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Collar Keepsake

collar keepsake

My sweet Ollie passed away in April and his bowl, collar, and leash still sit in a bag in the garage because I don’t know what to do with them. I’m not ready to throw them away, but I’m also not ready to use them for any other dog. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in ...

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