Dinner Time!

We’re very particular about what we feed our dogs and you should be, too. Here are a few options we’ve researched that get four paws up from both dog moms and taste testers.


squareeggLeveraging the world’s most perfect protein source, SquarePet™ developed the SquareEgg dog food line.  With a cage-free egg and whey base, it provides an easy-to-digest and complete protein source.

An industry first, it contains all the essential amino acids required by dogs for optimum growth and health, and it ranks highest in protein bioavailability.  Ideal for sensitive stomachs and rotational feeding, SquareEgg dog food is designed for all stages of canine life from puppy to senior.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., SquarePet™ product lines are available for purchase online and at independent pet retailers nationwide.

Brutus Bone Broth

The latest innovation in pet health doesn’t come far from the kitchen. Bone broth has become a growing trend in human diets and one company is here to show you how it benefits your four-legged best friend.

brutus-bone-brothBrutus Bone Broth is a human-grade bone broth specially made just for dogs. For sisters Kim and Sue and their family dog Brutus, the secret to a healthier, happier pet is out.  As a senior dog, incorporating grandma’s bone broth recipes into his meals not only made his food tastier and more digestible, it gave him added nutrition and supported a long and healthy life.

All Brutus Broth products are processed in a human-grade facility, 100% natural and made in the USA!  Available on Amazon and at Target!


chicken_mock_200403-2Imagine ‘Weight Watchers’ but for dogs! Pallaby (direct to consumer pre-portioned meal plans for dogs) utilizes the finest ingredients, some of which are hearty salmon, premium chicken, and nourishing brown rice. Don’t worry; they even offer yummy treats prepared with honey, oat, and peanut butter. Pallaby has the perfect meal plans uniquely generated for your dog’s needs.

Given current COVID restrictions, we’ve all been experiencing a more sedentary lifestyle and the effects of this have transferred over to our pets. Now more than ever, it’s important to educate consumers on the perils of not offering pets appropriately portioned food.