ben and jerry's ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s Enters the Doggie Dessert Market

Those fun folks at Ben & Jerry’s that deliver delicious desserts for humans are now doing the same for doggie consumers. We are thrilled and delighted at the idea of another frozen treat for pups but Ben & Jerry’s really missed the mark with their recommendations for eating this frozen delight.

The company is currently offering two flavors. Pontch’s Mix is a combination of peanut butter and pretzel swirls, while Rosie’s Mix adds pumpkin and mini-cookies to a sunflower butter base.

First, what we love.

  • They consulted extensively with veterinary nutrition experts to make sure everything that goes into this ice cream is safe for your kiddo.
  • The price point is very reasonable at $4.99 for a 4-pack and $2.99 for a single cup making it a great, affordable treat.
  • The flavors were named after real dogs belonging to Ben & Jerry’s employees.


Representatives were adamant that the ice cream should be scooped into a bowl instead of licked from the cup. As a matter of fact, when asked during a press conference, they made it very clear that the product should NOT be eaten straight from the cup and was not designed to do so. Whaaaat?

imageSure, there might be a pooch or two out there who will delicately lick those scoops in the bowl until they’re gone. But the rest of us know when faced with a scoop of anything sitting in a bowl, the dog’s instinct is to sniff it, lick it, then, if it likes the taste, snatch it up and eat it.

The serving instructions for this doggie dessert essentially render it to a basic flavor enhancer, not the fun, frozen treat it should be.

We love this ice cream but we will be rebels and allow our pups (under supervision, of course) to take their time and lick it out of the cup. We just hope the Ben & Jerry’s dessert police don’t give us a ticket for improper eating.