A box of toys and treats every month? Yes please!

There seems to be a monthly “box o’stuff” for just about everything these days and your dog is not being left out of the trend. PetBox will send you premium toys, treats, and accessories each month directly to your door. We must admit the idea of getting new stuff every month is kind of exciting so we decided to give it a try.

PetBoxWith PetBox you can choose to be surprised, or you can actually customize your box of goodies each month. We like the surprise factor so we had no idea what was coming in our box.

Whenever a package arrives for the dogs, they instinctively know it’s for them. (I guess the smell of treats inside has something to do with it.) All three of the hounds at Dog Living were shuffling around in wild anticipation when our PetBox arrived. “What’s in the box? What’s in the box? What’s in the booooooooooox?!”

I had to gently explain to them that this box was for Ollie, but he would be happy to share. The box itself was pretty cool to us, but the dogs were much more interested in what was inside.

Our box contained:

  • Skinneeez, a stuffing-free dog toy
  • Organic Oscar shampoo and conditioner
  • In Clover soft chews for joint health
  • Vetericyn wound & skin care
  • BOGO Bowl premium dog food

Ollie, of course, was into everything. As a dog mom, I appreciated the organic products and the fact the BOGO Bowl dog food included healthy ingredients and none of the yucky stuff we try to avoid. And I really love that every Friday, PetBox sends out a huge shipment of dog and cat food to a rescue shelter picked by PetBox fans.

How it Works

  • Go to and answer a few questions about your dog.
  • Pick your plan (plans start at $29 per month with a guaranteed value of $50
  • Each month, choose the items you want in the box, or let PetBox surprise you!

We love it!

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