Ollie’s Corner

“Ollie” 2000-2015

It’s been more than two months since my sweet Ollie passed away. Yes, he is the “Ollie” in OllieDog Media, the name of my company and the inspiration behind Dog Living Magazine. I haven’t had the heart or the strength to write this memorial to him until now and even now, the tears flow down my cheeks as I think ...

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Swimmer’s Tail?

Summertime and the livin’ is easy here on the North Carolina coast! Okay, so the arrival of Labor Day means that summer is winding down but there will still be plenty of more warm days to enjoy. Mom and dad took me and the leghounds for a long overdue boat ride for the Labor Day holiday and while I was ...

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I’m Getting my Portrait Done

A portrait? Of moi? Yup. I guess mom has decided I am important enough to commission a portrait! There are many talented portrait artists out there, but Todd Belcher of Jimmy Dog Design Group is one of mom’s favorites. Mom is pretty new to this whole portrait business and figures a lot of you would be too. That’s why she’s going to ...

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The Mystery Bags at Carolina Beach State Park

picking up dog poop

There must be some strange things going on at Carolina Beach State Park. Mom and dad like to take us there for hikes and we love it! August will swim out and fetch sticks in the river while Pecos waits on the shore to grab the stick from her when she swims back. I like to wade in the water ...

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14 Years Young

Annual Vet Visit

Earlier this year I had my annual check up with Dr. Pandolfi; I call her Dr. P for short. She’s awesome. She loves it when I do my “jump up” thing (jumping straight up into the air like a champ) and always claps and gives me cookies. So of course I do it as many times as possible when I ...

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It Always Comes Back to the Poop

dog walks

I brought up this topic a few years ago and thought we were done with the issue. But my mom insists on bringing it back up. It’s about my bathroom habits. Pleasant, right? Let me just say this up front: I am a dog and I POOP! It’s not the fact that I poop that my mom likes to comment ...

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Why I’ll Always be my Mom’s Number One Guy

I know what you’re gonna say. I’m a momma’s boy. Well, I’m not gonna deny it, and I’m not gonna apologize for it! My mom loves me in a way she couldn’t love anybody else. And I love her for it. Here’s why I’ll always be my mom’s number one guy: I never judge. It doesn’t matter what my mom ...

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I’m baaaaaack

So it’s been what? Almost two years since my mom has let me address my people?! That’s right, it was the summer of 2012 when I wrote my last “Ollie’s Corner.” But guess what…I’m back and I’ve got a bigger audience than before! You can check out Ollie’s Corner in the future for dumb stories about my mom, product reviews, ...

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