Why I’ll Always be my Mom’s Number One Guy

I know what you’re gonna say. I’m a momma’s boy. Well, I’m not gonna deny it, and I’m not gonna apologize for it! My mom loves me in a way she couldn’t love anybody else. And I love her for it. Here’s why I’ll always be my mom’s number one guy:

I never judge. It doesn’t matter what my mom does, I’m not gonna give her a funny look. I won’t make some off-hand comment with a disapproving tone. If she wants to eat ice cream at midnight, I’m down with it! If she wants to sleep until noon, I’m staying in bed too. There’s nothing wrong with that. If she wants to put on that sweater that should have been retired back in 1994, let her rock that thing! See, I don’t care what my mom does, as long as she loves me. (I bet you’ve got the Backstreet Boys in your head now, don’t you?)

I forgive easily. My mom sometimes loses her patience and sometimes I’m the reason. Okay, I know I wasn’t supposed to pull the plate off the counter. I realize it can’t be replaced. I realize mom is angry with me. But that’s okay, I’ll still love her with all my heart. Maybe she’s a little annoyed because she’s trying to get work done and I’m 011jumping up in the air begging for dinner an hour early and she snaps at me to be quiet. It’s okay. I’m still going to smother her in doggy kisses when she finally gets up from the computer.

I love. Sometimes I think that’s what I’m here for. Just to love my mom. (she knows it) I try to show her every day how much I enjoy her company and how much I just want to be with her.

Look at this face. How could I NOT be mom’s #1? Really now. I’m Ollie. And I am one handsome fella!

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