• downtown

    Doggy Getaway: Asheville, NC

    If you’re looking for an easy dog-friendly getaway, you can’t get much more dog-friendly...

  • 937

    One Day at a Time

    August was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in August 2016. I made the decision to amputate her leg immed...

  • img_5828

    A New Reality

    When August was diagnosed with bone cancer it took a few days to sink in. Maybe it wasn’t bone...

  • in-backyard

    Bone Cancer Sucks

    My 11-year-old August developed a slight limp in July of this year. I figured she had sprained her l...

  • Pit Bull in Car Slider

    Dogs in cars

    I was working as a hostess at a restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina when two ladies walked thro...

  • Pit Bull Slider

    Preparing Pet Owners for Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters often leave pet owners scrambling to find shelter not only for themselves but also...

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