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Think Like Your Dog

Think Like Your Dog Dog Training

My “non-expert” opinion on the way a lot of people communicate with their dogs is that they don’t understand that dogs do not think the same as humans. We want to imagine our dogs as four-legged, fuzzy toddlers, and in a sense they are, but they learn very differently from a human toddler. I see it all the time with ...

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Loose Leash Training with the Lickety Stik

Interaction is key. At least, that’s what Neika Smessaert believes when it comes to positive pet training. As a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training Partner, Behavioral Specialist and Registered Veterinary Technician, she is often asked the “trick” to training. Her response: There are no short cuts. It takes time, positive reinforcement and lots of treats. So it’s no surprise that ...

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Training 101: Sit and Stay Commands

Jack Russell

When bringing a new dog home it’s always best to start with the basics. Trainer Michele breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps and your best friend will have these commands down in no time. The First step in training is to find something that your dog will love and want to work for. This can be food, a toy etc. ...

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