Loose Leash Training with the Lickety Stik

Interaction is key. At least, that’s what Neika Smessaert believes when it comes to positive pet training. As a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training Partner, Behavioral Specialist and Registered Veterinary Technician, she is often asked the “trick” to training. Her response: There are no short cuts. It takes time, positive reinforcement and lots of treats.

So it’s no surprise that the Lickety Stik® by PetSafe® is a staple for Smessaert when working with her client’s canines and her own. The liquid treat’s unique interactive qualities, easy accessibility and low-calorie count align with her personal and professional training formula of treating early and often. “I especially recommend using the Lickety Stik when establishing good walking habits,” comments Smessaert. Not only does the treating process reward good behavior, it improves the development of good walking habits. She continues by adding, “A dog that walks well on a leash is more likely to be walked by his or her family, and less likely to develop behavior related problems from a lack of stimulation.”

Here are a few specific tips for walking with your pet and strengthening your own pet-parent relationship:

  • Dress your pet. Teaching your dog to stand patiently while dressing him or her with the proper collar, harness or leash can alleviate a lot of stress for the pet parent. In the beginning, I recommend having a friend or family member hold the Lickety Stik for the pet to enjoy while the other fastens the appropriate walking accessories. Once your pet gets the hang of the process, you won’t need the two-party system, and can simply reward the pet after standing nicely.
  • Reward in the moment. The Lickety Stik easily fits in a pocket and/or purse for on the spot treating. Resisting the urge to chase a squirrel or bark at a skate boarder; sitting or standing nicely when waiting at a cross walks – all these things deserve a lick. The Lickety Stik can even be used to redirect a pet’s attention from common distractions that can lead to misbehaviors.
  • Wipe your paws. To help your pet tolerate the “cleaning” process after being outdoors, I recommend using a friend or family member again to hold the Lickety Stik for the pet while the other wipes the pet’s paws. Later on, you can graduate to just rewarding their good behavior after his or her paws are clean.

Considering the average biscuit treat delivers between 20 and 40 calories per serving, the Lickety Stik by PetSafe is refreshingly light and great for training. Made with 100 percent all-natural ingredients, there’s only 1 calorie in 10 canine licks. Meaning you can reward good behavior more frequently without filling him or her up or spoiling a healthy diet. With consistent use, you can help maintain a low calorie lifestyle and keeps off those extra pounds that may compromise a more active, enjoyable life for your dog.

Look for the Lickety Stik line of liquid, lickable treats – including their Feline Lickety StikTM – at pet specialty retailers and online merchants. To learn more, visit www.PetSafe.net/Treats or www.Facebook.com/PetSafeBrand.

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