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A Painted Pet: Week 2

This is the second installment in a series documenting Ollie’s portrait process. I did it. I finally pulled the trigger and commissioned a portrait of my oldest dog, Ollie. I am so excited to see the process each week and am even more excited to get the final product. As I documented, I selected artist Todd Belcher to paint Ollie’s ...

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A Painted Pet

Pet Portraits

I’ve seen the work of so many pet portrait artists and each time I say to myself, “That’s so cool. I should get portraits done of our dogs.” I’ve been saying that for at least as long as I’ve had my dogs and my oldest, Ollie, is going on 14. Why is getting a portrait done something we talk about ...

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I’m Getting my Portrait Done

A portrait? Of moi? Yup. I guess mom has decided I am important enough to commission a portrait! There are many talented portrait artists out there, but Todd Belcher of Jimmy Dog Design Group is one of mom’s favorites. Mom is pretty new to this whole portrait business and figures a lot of you would be too. That’s why she’s going to ...

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