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A Painted Pet

I’ve seen the work of so many pet portrait artists and each time I say to myself, “That’s so cool. I should get portraits done of our dogs.” I’ve been saying that for at least as long as I’ve had my dogs and my oldest, Ollie, is going on 14. Why is getting a portrait done something we talk about but never do? Maybe it’s because it’s not something we can just pick up in a store. It’s not like buying your dog a toy or a new leash. It’s a process. It seems daunting. And it sounds expensive. These are all hesitations I had in the back of my mind.

1. It’s a process. Yes, it is a process. It takes more time than running to the store and buying art off the shelf. But it’s not complicated. It’s just a matter of selecting an artist and selecting a few photos and you’re off!

2. It seems daunting. I think it only appeared overwhelming until I actually began the process (see #1). Once I realized that all I needed to do was pick out a few favorite photos, I had fun selecting the shots and speaking with the artist, Todd Belcher.

3. It sounds expensive.  This is not an assembly-line process. You are not only receiving a one-of-a-kind piece of art, you are receiving a customized, one-of-a-kind piece of art commemorating your most beloved possession. Can you get one of those for $19.99? No. But commissioning a portrait of your pet is definitely not cost-prohibitive and I’m sure you’ve spent more on one routine vet visit than you will on one painting.

There are all kinds of artists out there and I guarantee you will find one to match your style. I’m not really a fan of traditional paintings, but I also didn’t want anything too funky. Todd Belcher at Jimmydog Design Group was exactly what I was looking for. Very hip, and modern, but not too abstract.

The Jimmydog Design Group website makes it easy to begin “the process.” They even list the five simple steps to commission your custom pet portrait:

1. Choose the Medium
2. Choose the Size
3. Send Photos
4. Approve the Sketch
5. Receive your Portrait!

Jimmydog Design GroupI selected my photos and have received the sketch of Ollie. I’ll be documenting the entire process so you can see the portrait come to life step by step.

To the left is the sketch based on the picture above.

Finally deciding to get Ollie’s portrait done feels wonderful! Ollie might not be here with me forever (gulp) but soon I’ll have a beautiful reminder of him to cherish forever. Now what are you waiting for?

Next Wednesday: Check out the portrait progress and learn more about the artist, Todd Belcher!

Win a pet portrait! Dog Living and Jimmydog Pet Portraits are teaming up to give two lucky winners custom portraits of their pets by renowned artist Todd Belcher. To enter, “Like” Jimmydog’s Facebook page and post a favorite photo of your pet, along with why you’d like to win a portrait. Visitors to Jimmydog’s page will vote on which photo they like best. The winner will receive an 11”x14” Grand Prize portrait. The runner-up will receive an 8”x10” portrait. Submit your photo by May 16. Winners will be announced May 21. Enter now! (The portrait prizes includes the image of one pet; additional pets can be included for $75 each.)


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