5 Dog-Approved Adventures: Motorcycling to Camping

Pets are family and family members spend time together—not just the daily game of toss or a walk to the park. Here are some pet-friendly activities to get you and your pup out and about, together.

Traveling by Road

Biking: Next time to you take a long scenic bike ride, take your adventure-loving doggy with you. He can sit right in front of you in his Buddyrider seat. The Buddyrider is centered over the bike, which makes for an easy ride. For dogs or puppies that weigh less than 12 pounds, there is a custom insert called a BuddyBooster available that makes for a much better fit.

Motorcycling: If you love to ride and the road calls your name, you can now take your dog on your hog. Motorcycle riders are using custom pet carriers called T-Bags that attach directly to the luggage rack of the motorcycle. The carrier features two adjustable leashes attached to internal D-rings, a foam filled bottom with a lambs wool pad for comfort and a versatile opening for easy loading. Always refer to your bike manufacture’s manual to determine the maximum load weight to stay safe. Keep yourself protected with safety gear like eye goggles, helmets and gloves from a trusted retailer like BikeBandit.

Adventuring Outdoors

Hiking: When you’re hiking, you will use a backpack, so get your four-legged pal one too. There are different types available for various needs pertaining to weather, weight and reason for use. Avid hikers always come prepared with essentials like extra food, water and emergency kits—the same goes for your hiking pet. There are kits that contain waste bags, water pouches, treats, leashes, collars and more. The Save Your Pet Dog Backpack comes equipped with all of the necessities for a challenging hiking trip. Don’t forget, a long hike will make her thirsty, so bring along a collapsible bowl for water and use the water pouches in her kit for her drinking pleasure.

Camping: It’s nighttime and it’s time to go to bed. You have a sleeping bag, but there isn’t enough room for her. Your pup doesn’t have to sleep in the dirt, she can have her own sleeping bag. The BarkerBag is a doggy sleeping bag that will easily attach to yours. There is a double-sleeping bag version if you’re bringing along two dogs. The doggy sleeping bag is insulated and connects to regular sleeping bags by the zipper and you’ll stay warmer by using mutual body heat. It comes equipped with a collar that is cinchable, so that your dog won’t get up and run away to play with the skunks while you’re sleeping.

Swimming: If you want to go swimming with your dog, instead of letting him just jump in and start paddling, throw in a KONG Aqua floating toy for her to fetch in the lake. The fetching toy has an eighteen-foot throw rope so it’ll go a long way. You can use this toy on land as well. If you’re boating on the lake or kayaking through rapids, be sure to outfit your pet in a K-9 Float Coat life jacket.