Unwrapping Fun

I don’t know when or how Ollie learned how to open presents, but each year it amuses me to no end watching him tear into gifts presented to him during the holidays.  He expertly rips into the package and carefully discards any paper stuck to his mouth. His younger sister, August, has also easily picked up the skill of opening presents and after this season, I’m guessing our newest addition, Pecos, will soon be tearing into presents of his own after some coaching from his big brother and sister.

Since the dogs never really eat the paper, I didn’t think about the fact that the chemicals in traditional wrapping paper could still be harmful to my four-legged children.  Not to mention, the tape used to wrap the gifts could also cause problems if accidentally swallowed.

This year I was excited to find wrapping paper created specifically for pets with no harmful chemicals and adhesive edges (no tape!) and cute designs for every occasion. The company is called Pet Party Printz and if you’re in the Southport area, they carry a variety of designs at Four Legs Good Pet Boutique.