New Dating App for Dog Lovers

There’s a dating app for everyone these days and now that includes dog lovers! Dig is a new mobile dating app designed specifically for fans of four-legged friends. The goal is to connect people through the one thing that’s already crucial to them – their love for dogs.

“Our overall goal with Dig is to provide an easy, fun way to connect dog lovers who are looking to find more love in their life of the two-legged variety,” said Casey Isaacson, Co-Founder and CCO of Dig.

Forget “shake”, it’s time to teach your dog to find you a date.

launch8Much of the single world is dog crazed. Research shows pet ownership among singles has increased by 25% since 2006, and one of the best ways to get attention on dating apps is to feature your pup. A survey of singles on dating sites found that men who were holding puppies were rated as nearly 27% sexier relative to every other man as well as 14% more trustworthy. Also, 70% of singles think their dates’ reaction to their pet is important.

“It’s imperative to find someone compatible both with you and your dog, so we want to make it easier to find someone the two of you really ‘dig’,” added Isaacson.

Once two people “dig” each other, Dig helps you find a date idea. The “dog-friendly locations near you” search feature is built into the messaging area. You can suggest meeting up at places like the new dog friendly cafe or at the closest dog park to you. The app also features daily “tips and tricks of the day” from experts such as vets and trainers as well as “ daily deals” from pet companies.

The initial launch will focus first on the New York Metro area and expand to cities across the United States throughout 2018. For more information visit the Dig website