Lost and Found Hound

If you’ve lost your pet it’s important to get the word out as soon as possible. That means flyers and internet listings. The folks at www.lostandfoundhound.com have a few tips for you to increase the chances your listing will be understood so your pet can be found.

From Lost and Found Hound:

We get a number of listings for lost or found dogs and or cats on the site and the listings do not tell us anything about the lost pet.  People are utilizing social media and the internet quite a bit in their search so be sure when posting your missing pet, you include identifying information.  Following are some tips to help with posting an ad for the search of your pet:

  • Sex of pet
  • Is the pet spayed or neutered?
  • Where was the pet last seen?
  • What is the color of pet and the breed?
  • Include a picture
  • Does the pet have any distinct markings to help ID the pet?
  • Is the dog or cat microchipped-if so be sure the registration is up to date (check this out at www.petmicrochiplookup.org)
  • How long has the pet been missing?
  • Do they wander or are they house cats or indoor pets?
  • Are they current on shots?
  • Do they have a collar on? Any tags?
  • Lastly, include contact information such as phone, email and be sure to check these frequently

Just listing this information when posting to social media sites can help you in your search.  Be sure to utilize www.lostandfoundhound.com in your search.  Good luck in finding your pet.