Halloween Safety Tips from a Trusted Source

The American Humane Association offers “Tips for a Smashing Good Time With Your Pets This Halloween”:

For many of us, Halloween is our favorite time of year! But imagine what our pets must think when all they can smell is bags full of chocolate and their favorite people just don’t look quite right. Here are some tips to help you and your pets have a frighteningly good time.

Celebrate with your pet
       Provide your pets some extra love and attention to relieve them of that Halloween stress.
       Keep a supply of pet treats handy and reach for one before you open the door for trick-or-treaters. If your pets can sit calmly while the door is open, give ‘em a treat!
       If you have costumes for your pets, make sure they are comfortable and there is no chance of snagging or tripping over loose material. If they just can’t stand the dressed up look, try a flashy collar or bandana to show your pets spirit. 

Keep it safe
       Give unsure pets a quiet spot away from the hubbub to let them have some time alone and reduce the chances of an escape.
       With “outward hounds,” taking your pet trick-or-treating can be fun, but steer clear of noisy groups of little ghouls and goblins. If your pet shows any anxiety, take her back home, as a frightened pet is likely to bolt — a scary prospect with so many beasties at play!
       For safety, your pets should wear collars with an up-to-date ID tag year-round, but with so much Halloween activity, it’s even more critical this Oct. 31. An additional method of owner identification — such as a microchip — can provide added assurance that your pets will be returned to you if they get lost, but should not replace an all-purpose ID tag.

Decorating “not” to die for
       Instead of an open flame in the jack-o-lantern, opt for the battery-powered, kid- and pet-friendly tap light. Open-flame candles and pumpkins with lit candles are especially dangerous because a pet’s fur can catch fire.
       Don’t let your pets chew or eat things like crepe paper streamers – these are often colored with water-soluble dyes that will discolor your pets’ mouth and can cause upset stomachs.

Watch what we eat
       We love chocolate, they love chocolate. While some chocolate can be good for us it can be especially toxic for dogs and cats. Keep healthy treats for you and your pet where you can easily get to them, instead of chocolate and other sweets. 

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