Five Wonderful Reasons to Walk with Your Pet

Grab a leash and hit the streets, Walking the Dog Day is February 22. Whether you have a dog or just like to get outside for a stroll, a daily walk comes with a number of benefits. It is a great excuse to go outside and get some extra exercise, and now with charitable apps like Wooftrax’s Walk for a Dog App, you can give back to your local shelter at the same time. Dr. Kerri Marshall, veterinarian and chief veterinary officer at Trupanion highlights some of the best reasons to walk with your pet.

  1. A daily walking routine keeps both you and your pet healthy. Dogs need exercise in order to stay healthy in the long run, and the same is true for people. Regular walks can help reduce destructive behavior, maintain a pet’s healthy weight, and help your pet stay mentally happy and healthy.
  1. Walks are a great way to bond with your pet and get them the exercise they need. Walking with your pet helps solidify the bond you have and allows you to experience new environments together.
  1. A daily walk lets you and your pet get the social interaction you both need. Both dogs and people are social beings that need to get out regularly. Some dogs can benefit from spending time with other dogs, and an occasional trip to a designated dog park can be a great way to socialize. Pets are also a good icebreaker when meeting new people.
  1. Walking reduces stress and relieves anxiety in both people and pets. Walking a pet has been shown to reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system. In addition, petting a dog or cat can calm frayed nerves and alleviate stress. Pets also benefit mentally and physiologically from some exercise and time spent outside.
  1. Giving back is as simple as taking a walk. Wooftrax’s Walk for a Dog app allows you to raise money for shelter pets simply by taking a stroll. Whether or not you have a pet, a simple walk around the block can help you earn much-needed funds for a local shelter of your choice. Have a feline family member? Many cats can learn to walk on a leash and benefit from some outdoor time too.

For more information about the benefits of walking your pet, visit Trupanion’s blog. Looking to give back to a local shelter simply by taking a stroll? You can download Walk for a Dog for your Android or IPhone.