Jefferson, DC

New Furry Concierge at The Jefferson, Washington, DC

Pet Friendly DCLord Monticello, known as “Monti” to his friends and admirers at The Jefferson, Washington, DC, is the newest furry addition to the hotel’s family. Presiding as the first official Canine Executive Officer [CEO], Monti embodies many of the admirable traits so useful in the hospitality industry; being intelligent, companionable, good humored and willing to do whatever it takes for a unique guest experience, even if that means rolling over in the lobby for a belly rub. Monti, the sorrowful but adorable faced beagle happily serves as good-will ambassador to all guests from the animal kingdom, as well as human guests who might welcome a four-legged companion.

Life for Monti has taken a turn for the better since arriving at The Jefferson, DC as his first home was on a farm in West Virginia where his favorite pastime was enjoying the outdoors. Abruptly, the farm was sold and the siblings were split up. Monti was discarded to the streets wandering along the East coast and found in Ocean City, Maryland. A good samaritan found Monti and brought him to PAW Rescue, an adoption organization based in Maryland. Subsequently, The Jefferson, DC was searching for more ways to bring a part of the community into the hotel and taking the approach to rescuing a dog to become the good-will ambassador was the correct choice. More so, Managing Director Philip A. Wood could not ignore that PAW Rescue had his same initials. It was meant to be and it began with a “woof!” and a lick.

Monti currently makes his home in Wood’s office, but likes to spend as much time as possible meeting, greeting and generally keeping an eye on things in The Jefferson, DC’s historic lobby, where his presence adds a warm cuddly touch to the marble grandeur.

Other dogs — and cats, too — staying at The Jefferson, DC can expect the warm welcome of a dedicated pet bed awaiting in their elegant accommodations, as well as thoughtful amenities to enhance their stay in the nation’s capital. As a pet friendly hotel in Washington, The Jefferson, DC offers pets all the comforts of home including appropriately sized receptacles for food and bottled water, an array of entertaining toys and treats containing only human-grade ingredients that are thoughtfully provided for four-footed guests.  The hotel’s excellent concierge staff is equipped with detailed maps of the best nearby dog-walking routes, and can recommend pet welcoming establishments throughout the city.

The Jefferson, DC does not discriminate by size or weight: Irish Wolf Hounds are as welcome as Chihuahuas.  Nor does it charge a deposit for pets, although a fee may be assessed for any inadvertent damage to a room occupied by a pet [and the hotel requests that Guest Services be alerted right away if accidents do happen.]  Crates are not required when the humans leave their companions unattended in the room or suite.

For pets of discriminating taste looking for a change of scenery without sacrificing luxury, The Jefferson, DC is a destination of choice that understands a dog’s or cat’s particular needs. Monti, the Canine Executive Officer, sees to that for each and every two or four-legged guest.

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