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Pets are Motivators and Confidants, Poll Says

Humans’ best friends were more important than ever in 2020, according to a recent poll of policyholders.* An amazing 54 percent of pet owners responding to the poll said their pets “gave them a reason to get up every morning” as they struggled to deal with isolation in a time of social distancing. In addition, 47 percent said their pet ...

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4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe and Secure

Your dog is most likely one of your most beloved companions so it is only natural to want to make sure that they are as safe and secure as possible. Taking steps to protect their future is one of the best ways to show your pet how much you love and care for them, even without saying so. 1: Invest ...

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5 Bizarre Spring and Summer Pet Insurance Claims

Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC (Pets Best), a leading nationwide pet insurance agency, today released its annual list of the most bizarre pet insurance claims submitted to the agency during the spring and summer seasons. Since the agency opened in 2005, rambunctious canines have generated a wide range of surprising claims during the warmer months of the year. “Dogs are ...

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