Tether Tug Dog Toy

Tether Tug Keeps your Pup Entertained

Does your dog enjoy playing tug? Can he or she wear you out after several minutes of play? You might want to try the Tether Tug. According to the website Tether Tug is “a durable, interactive toy designed to provide your dog with hours of fun and play.”

Tether Tug Dog ToyIt’s basically a metal base inserted into the ground with a durable “tug” attached. You can attached different toys to the end of the tug depending on your dog’s preference.

The inspiration behind the Tether Tug was a three-legged rescue dog named Lizzie.

“Despite her injury, Lizzie loves to play, especially tug of war, often times outplaying her owner,” says Roger Huckfeldt, co-inventor of the Tether Tug. “So we set out to develop a toy that Lizzie could play with any time and would never get tired!”

Here at Dog Living we are strong advocates of products made in the USA whenever possible, and Tether Tug fits the bill.

“It was very important we manufacture the Tether Tug in the United States,” says Huckfeldt. “We are a small business and understand the value of supporting other local businesses.”

To learn more about Tether Tug, visit www.tethertug.com.

Photos courtesy of Tether Tug

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