Dog Jewelry

Jewelry We Love!

We were introduced to Mark Poulin Jewelry several years ago at a little shop in Southport, North Carolina that was then called Cool Dogs & Crazy Cats. We fell in love with the store…and the jewelry!

mark poulin keychainPoulin specializes in animal-themed jewelry and has been making jewelry, art, and accessories for more than 20 years. Each piece is sterling silver and is handmade in California. We love the variety (necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets) and the fact that the jewelry is not outrageously priced. Each piece is a bargain at $25-65.

mark poulin spot necklaceYou can find the jewelry in over 150 stores nationwide. (including the former Cool Dogs & Crazy Cats, which is now Four Legs Good Pet Boutique)

You can also order online at

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