Pet Parent Rights in the Workplace

Many dog owners would argue that having a dog is just like having a child in the sense that you have to provide food, shelter, exercise, medical care, training and attention.  So when Sally’s baby is sick, why is okay for her to leave work with no questions asked, but if Bob’s dalmation is throwing up, he gets all kinds of grief if he asks to leave work to take care of the dog?

Just like a child?

That’s the subject of the Sept/Oct Doghouse Poll:  Should pet parents be given the same considerations and perks as traditional parents in the workplace?

We’re getting some really good answers and may even do a follow up story on this in an upcoming issue.  Please keep the comments coming!  This is a topic that you seem to be very passionate about!  We’d also love to hear from parents who think pet parents shouldn’t be compared to traditional parents and shouldn’t get the same considerations.  We haven’t heard any of those yet, but we welcome all comments!

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