How to Soothe Travel Anxiety in Your Pet

Travel is a fun way to bond with friends and family as you make new memories, and bringing your pet along for the ride can ensure an amazing time. However, traveling can be stressful for many pets, so you’ll want to keep a few of these tips in mind.

Designate a Petter

Have someone along for your trip whose sole duty is to stroke and interact with your pet. Whether it’s a child, a trusted friend or your partner, don’t shut your animal friend in the back of your vehicle and expect him or her to simply chill out if that’s not his or her style.

Keep Talking

Let your pet know that you haven’t forgotten about him or her by talking and singing to her as you move along. Many pets respond to music, so keep up the beats if you feel that calms him or her down. But still keep in mind that the sound of your voice can be better than any medicine you can find.

Use Your Smartphone

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone from T-Mobile, use your subscription to T-Mobile TV to calm your stressed out pet. Playing continuous background sound, or white noise, can soothe your furry friend by drowning out other noises that may cause anxiety. This can lead to a calmer pet and a happier you.

See Your Vet

If you know your pet becomes so stressed out during travel that it affects his or her health, see your vet before you head out. Your vet can prescribe medication that helps your anxiety-prone friend remain calm and relaxed during your travel experience.

Anticipate Motion Sickness

No matter how you get there, you have to move, and unfortunately many pets experience motion sickness. You will both be miserable if he or she vomits on you or your vehicle. Stress affects the digestive system, so make sure you recognize the signs before an eruption happens (pacing, excessive drooling, inactivity or lethargy). Sometimes stopping and taking a short walk can alleviate some of these symptoms. However, the best treatment is preventative. Acclimate your pet to your vehicle by taking several short trips well in advance of your departure so your pet will become accustomed to the movement and adventure.

Take Frequent Breaks and Plan Feeding

Just like people, dogs need to get out and stretch their legs. Bonus if you can find a dog park to run around in, but your anxious pet will love to get out and go for a short walk on a frequent basis. Encourage him or her to go to the bathroom, and walk around enough so that this becomes a distinct possibility. Plan out when you’ll feed your pup, and decide if it’s best to withhold food until you get to your destination, as an empty tummy is less prone to nausea than a full one is. Keep plenty of water available at all times, and for an added touch, give your pet a shirt or blanket with your scent on it to keep him or her more comfortable as you travel.