Dog Living Welcomes Our Newest Intern

Hello all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio!  My name is Elise Remp and I’m excited to announce to all of you readers that I’ll be Dog Living Magazine’s new intern over the next 10 weeks.  I am currently a journalism student at the University of Cincinnati and set to graduate this coming June.  Scary!

I know you’re probably wondering why I’m interning for a magazine so far away, but luckily I can give you a quick answer to that.  I love dogs, and there isn’t a single pet magazine in Ohio.  After doing a little bit of googling I found Dog Living Magazine and immediately popped off an email to see if they’d give me a shot.  And well, here I am now.

For the longest time I tried to decide what I actually wanted to do with my life – like most every college student.  I went through journalism class after journalism class and slowly narrowed down my choices.  The newspaper biz was definitely out of the question. I can’t handle the drab writing and rigid work schedule.  I finally decided on magazine writing, but drifted around between ideas of travel writing, sports writing, and many other niches until I realized I wanted to mix my two life passions – pets and journalism.  I hope over the next few months that my internship here confirms my choice of wanting a career in this field, but I already know it will. 

My current roommate, Charliey, a 4-year-old German shepherd/golden retriever mix and I will be working from home here in Ohio and doing internship work online.  I say both of us because that 90 pound ball of fuzz follows me everywhere, and I know she’s going to be keeping me company anytime I’m doing work for the magazine! I’m extremely excited to jump into Dog Living Magazine full force, and I hope to make my mark here (doggie pun unintended).  I’m thrilled to expand on my writing and editing skills while building relationships and learning some new things from everyone I get to work with – even if it’s from a distance.


Elise Remp