Cool Apps for Dog Owners

Taking care of Fido just go a whole lot easier thanks to technology.

Dilemma: You need a last-minute pet sitter
There’s an app for that: DogVacay
No one likes leaving their pup in a kennel while traveling. Ditch the guilt and give Fido his own vacation! With the new DogVacay app, pet parents can make reservations on the go with nearby dog sitters complete with complimentary pet insurance and 24/7 customer support. Simply browse hosts in your area, schedule and book on your phone. Rates start at $15/night (cheaper than a kennel!), and you can even set up a free meet-and-greet beforehand to ensure your dog is comfortable with your host. For extra peace of mind, your DogVacay host will send daily photo updates of your pup through the app.

Dilemma: You can’t stay on top of Fido’s schedule (much less your own!)
There’s an app for that: PetMinder
For the dog owner on-the-go, PetMinder lets you schedule reminders and events related to your pet – vaccinations, grooming, training appointments, play dates, even paying the dog walker! The app allows you to set reminders for multiple pets, to keep up with your whole family and never miss a bark… err, beat.

Dilemma: Your pup ran off!
There’s an app for that: Finding Rover
Heaven forbid it happen to you, but millions of dogs are lost every year. The Finding Rover app aims to rescue lost dogs using facial recognition technology – if you see a lost dog on the street, or your own runs off, simply snap a photo and upload to the app, and Finding Rover will search for a match. Owners and rescuers can conveniently contact each other through the app once a pup is found.

What new apps have you found that make your life easier as a dog owner? Please share with us in the comments below!

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