Bring Those Critters Inside!

From Chatham Animal Rescue & Education:

With the arctic air blowing across the region for the next several days, Chatham Animal Rescue and Education would like to remind everyone to ensure their pets have warm shelter and bedding.  Animals suffer from cold temperatures like humans, and often cannot provide shelter for themselves. 


Bringing pets indoors is the best way to protect them.  If they must remain outdoors, it is crucial to provide a four-walled structure with a roof, and layers of bedding to keep your pet off the cold ground.  Bedding made from a mixture of cedar shavings and wheat straw or hay is recommended.  At the very least, a blanket should be placed under your pet.  A roof is necessary to keep the frost off of your pet’s coat.


Remember to check your pet’s water bowl frequently.  Like humans, animals require water throughout the day, which they cannot access if it is frozen.  With temperatures this cold, the water may freeze several different times throughout the day.  Heated water buckets are available at most Feed and Seed Stores, as well as pet stores such as PetSmart or Petco.


C.A.R.E. asks you also keep an eye on a stray animal or neighborhood pet that is need of shelter.  The coming temperatures will be at dangerous levels, please remember to take care of those who cannot help themselves. 


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