Adventures with Super Chicken

I received a most wonderful surprise yesterday. I went to the post office box and was greeted by one of those little yellow cards. For those of you who have never had a p.o. box, those little yellow cards mean you’ve gotten something that won’t fit in the box and it’s always exciting. I went to the window to pick up my package and it was a big one! (so big I could barely see over it when I carried it) The box was pretty plain, giving no indication as to what was inside so I took this huge brown box and tossed it into the passenger seat of my car when…..

Super Chicken flies through the air in happier times.

Super Chicken flies through the air in happier times.

I heard the sound.

It couldn’t be? Could it? Was it the one thing I’d been talking about for the last couple of weeks? That familiar ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ could only mean one thing. It was Super Chicken!

A couple weeks ago, while visiting my sister, I was introduced to this little flying chicken that you could launch and as it flew through the air it would make, well, chicken sounds. I was fascinated! It’s not really called a “Super Chicken,” it’s actually called a “Stunt Pilot.” However, I will always see it as a Super Chicken. It is made by Hartz, and the only purchasing information was “Available at grocery stores and other retailers.” I figured I’d run across one eventually, but little did I know I’d get one in the mail!

August waits patiently to tear into Super Chicken

August waits patiently to tear into Super Chicken.

The funny thing is that this package had nothing to do with Super Chicken. Hartz was promoting a line of “Crunch ‘n Clean” dog biscuits. The toy was just thrown in to make the package more attractive, I suppose. Thank you Hartz!

As excited as I was about this toy, I knew it wouldn’t last in my house. My dog August was as fascinated with the toy as I was, and I was determined to make it last as long as possible. “Only supervised, short-term play,” I said to myself. Once August realized what this Super Chicken could do, she wanted to do nothing else but shake it violently in her mouth so it would keep making the chicken sounds. If she went into chew mode, I immediately took the toy away.

That lasted about four hours. During one “supervised” session I heard a crunch. And then there was silence. Super Chicken had been silenced by one powerful crunch of August’s jaws. She seemed confused as to why this thing was no longer making those sounds she liked. *sigh*

Super Chicken is still intact, and sitting on a shelf in the office. August will come in and stare at it, hoping for more playtime with the little clucker. I even caught her whining for it one time. I’m sorry Super Chicken, I tried my best.