Pet Portraits

A Painted Pet: Week 3

This is the third installment in a series documenting Ollie’s portrait process.

Ollie Portrait Day 4Ollie’s portrait is really starting to take shape now as the artist, Todd Belcher, adds more color and detail. At the top you can see the original photo and to the right is the progress after a few days. It’s fascinating to watch it come together.

Getting Ollie’s portrait done is something I’ve talked about for a long time and there are so many reasons for doing it.

Why commission a portrait?

1. You love your pet. What higher honor could you bestow upon your best friend than to immortalize him or her on canvas? A custom portrait is the ultimate tribute to a four-legged friend who loves nothing more than to be around you.

2. You get a customized work of art and that’s just plain cool. Forget about that generic stuff you find at Home Goods. This is a real piece of art that you won’t see hanging in anyone else’s living room. It’s also a definite conversation piece when people visit your home.

3. Portraits make great gifts! Sure “stuff” is nice, but a pet portrait is something truly memorable that the recipient will be able to enjoy every day. It is a gift from the heart.

4. There is a huge difference between a framed photo and a painting. An artist can truly capture the spirit of your pet with the stroke of a brush in a way that a photo just can’t do. A great artist will bring out your dog’s personality in a painting.

5. A pet portrait allows you to keep your pet’s memory alive after they’re gone. It’s a tribute to the good times you had together that will always be in your heart. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!


Next Week: More on the portrait progress!

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