6 Habits of Highly Effective Pet Owners

Being a good pet owners starts from the moment you are thinking about getting a pet all the way through their life. To ensure you enrich your pets life as much as they do for you, below are key habits to ensure you an effective pet owner. Heidi Ganahl, CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow, the nation’s largest pet care franchise, offers the following tips.

  1. They do their Research: Before going to look for a pet, responsible owners determine what needs and constraints their family has. Are you an active family who can handle a breed that needs a lot of exercise, or do you need a pet this requires less activity? Do you have time to comb and brush your pet daily? If not, you want a pet that has short hair that doesn’t require as much grooming. It is important that you know these criteria before going to look for a pet so you pick one that is right for your family and don’t just pick a pet based on its looks. Aside from pet research, effective owners are well prepared for the costs that go along with adding a pet to their family.
  2. They see training as essential: Before purchasing a pet, responsible owners know that training is essential. To help new pets become comfortable in their new home, training is key not only for potty training, but also to ensure you help your dog understand what you are asking from them. From training to never beg, bark or chew, training is the essential stepping stone to ensuring your dog is a well-behaved member of the family both inside and outside of the home.
  3. Health and Wellness is Always Top of Mind: Veterinary expenses are something you want to factor in as you choose your pet, as well. In the early stages of life, costs of exams and shots should be fairly minimal, but you have to plan for any emergencies or the cost of having a senior pet. There are emergencies that could come up along the way that can cost a significant amount of money, and as your pet gets older, the cost of veterinary care goes up. You can research the cost of pet insurance to see if it will be right for you and your new pet.
  4. They Focus on Nutrition: Nutrition is a big factor in a pet’s life, and choosing the right food for your pet will help you keep your new furry friend in tip top shape. Higher quality food leads to less shedding and a shinier coat, less waste, less eating and a healthier weight. Although a higher quality food may seem expensive, in the end, your dog will eat less and be healthier, ultimately having the bag last longer.
  5. They Exercise their Pets: Pets need daily exercise to keep in shape, as well as to keep bad habits at bay. Pets that don’t get enough exercise are more likely to get into bad habits to try to release some of their energy, including barking, chewing and digging. Exercise is also critical to pets so that they maintain healthy joints and bones.
  6. They Know Socializing is Essential: Pets need their people, and interacting with your pets on a daily basis helps keep them feeling like part of the family. Whether it is a fun activity like playing ball or just some good quality petting time (which is proven to reduce a human’s blood pressure), this will help your pet stay happy and healthy. An effective owner will also prepare their pets for other interactions with animals; keeping your dog socialized will help keep dogs from displaying more serious behavior issues.

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