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Beat Burnout with 10 Tips from Grace the Dog


With burnout now classified as an occupational syndrome, people are seeking new resources to deal with their symptoms and begin the road to recovery. Below are 10 tips to beat burnout – delivered through the lovable persona of a fluffy, adventurous dog named Grace. Grace and her “mom” Katy are the central characters of the delightful children’s book series, “Everybody ...

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Top 10 Best Cities for Pets


From Georgia Bulldogs to Alaska Malamutes, Maine coon cats to California Spangleds, every state and every city has its own pet personality. But is it comfy indoor winter kittens in the North or Southern cities with plentiful dog parks that are the cat’s meow? Across the U.S., what cities have gone to the dogs? Apartment Guide finds the best cities ...

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Love is in the Air

Cute Valentine Havanese puppy dog with a red heart

Love is in the air for our furry friends this valentines day as pet owners gear up to shower their dogs in gifts. As they say – dogs are better than humans! According to a survey conducted by Finder, on average, households are expected to drop $17.37 on their pet dogs. That comes out to $479.2 million in gifts for ...

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5 Fun Things to do with your Pup in the Cape Fear


Visit a Brewery The Cape Fear area is full of amazing breweries that are totally cool with you bringing your pup inside for a brew. Some of our faves include Flying Machine Brewing Company, The Sour Barn, Waterline Brewery, and Flytrap Brewing. Take a Hike There are great spots to get your dog outside year-round. Carolina Beach State Park is ...

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Keeping Your New Puppy Safe, Healthy, and Comfortable

Jack Russell Terrier puppy

When you get a new pet puppy, it can be one of the most exciting times in life. Puppies make excellent companions for all members of the family, and they can provide tons of fun and laughs. When you first bring your puppy home, though, it can take some preparation. Preparing for your pup can ensure that your puppy is ...

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Celebrate the Year of the Dog

group of dogs in front of a white background

The Chinese New Year is celebrated with parades, fireworks and dragon dancers but you need not be Chinese to celebrate 2018’s Year of the Dog. Carlyn Montes De Oca, an author, animal advocate and human health expert, says each Chinese year is devoted to a different zodiac animal. 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog and people who are ...

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New Dating App for Dog Lovers

Jack Russel Terrier zen

There’s a dating app for everyone these days and now that includes dog lovers! Dig is a new mobile dating app designed specifically for fans of four-legged friends. The goal is to connect people through the one thing that’s already crucial to them – their love for dogs. “Our overall goal with Dig is to provide an easy, fun way ...

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The Patriots are the Clear Favorite…When it comes to Pet Names


It’s no secret that Americans love football. And according to PetFirst Pet Insurance that love has inspired many to name their pets after their favorite players and teams. According to a list of more than 33,000 pet names, Patriot-inspired names far outnumber the competition. PetFirst identified 39 Toms, 35 Toms, five Gronks, two Patriots and one Edelman compared to just ...

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Petplan Survey Reveals Pint-Sized Pups Receive the Most Protection in Cold Temps


Pet insurance provider says while over 70 percent of pet parents dress their pets, breeds under 25 pounds fare best Most pet parents take special precautions to keep pets safe during extreme temperatures, according to a recent Responsible Pet Parenting Survey* from Petplan pet insurance. A whopping 72 percent of 4,492 respondents said they dress their pets when temperatures dip. Of ...

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