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ASPCA Partners with Urban Resource Institute to Help Domestic Violence Victims with Pets

Domestic Violence Victim with Pets

The ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) and Urban Resource Institute (URI) today announced their collaboration in support of URI’s PALS (People and Animals Living Safely) program, New York City’s first-ever initiative to shelter domestic violence victims with their pets. The ASPCA provided URI a $75,000 grant to fund a position that ensures both clients and ...

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How to Greet a Service Dog (if at all)

Service Dog

How should people behave around an assistance dog? Have you seen a person with a disability in your community out and about with their assistance dog? Numbers of assistance dogs have been on the rise, providing life-changing independence and companionship to children, adults and veterans. But don’t rush to give that dog a belly rub, these aren’t your ordinary pet ...

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Dogs AND Cats in the Workplace?

Dogs in the workplace

Over 82.5 million households have welcomed four-legged friends into their homes and into their lives. With pets increasingly being considered an integral part of the family, pet parents continue to look for additional ways to spend more time with their furry friend.  This may be the reason why pets are beginning to take over the workplace. Pets in the workplace ...

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How Dogs Healed My Eating Disorder

Black dog

The process of recovery, from any kind of traumatic ailment, can occur in many ways. For one San Diego woman, it was the comfort and non-judgmental nature of animals that helped her overcome a crippling ailment—one that affects millions of people every year: bulimia. Through her writing, San Diegan Shannon Gusy shares her poignant story of how animals, particularly Pit Bulls, ...

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7 Tips and Tricks to Moving with a Pet

Flat Rate Moving

As we all know relocating with a family can be an extremely exhausting and tedious task that no one looks forward to; however, have you ever imagined how stressful a move can be on your four-legged family member? FlatRate Moving, a company who has been seamlessly relocating the U.S. for the past 20 years, knows it’s imperative that you do ...

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Cool Apps for Dog Owners

poodle and laptop

Taking care of Fido just go a whole lot easier thanks to technology. Dilemma: You need a last-minute pet sitter There’s an app for that: DogVacay No one likes leaving their pup in a kennel while traveling. Ditch the guilt and give Fido his own vacation! With the new DogVacay app, pet parents can make reservations on the go with ...

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Tips for New Pet Owners

family on beach with dog 2

When it comes to introducing a new pet to the family, not everyone knows the correct questions to ask. From potty training to introducing multiple family pets, knowing how to prepare for and train your new pet can be quite a challenge. To alleviate new pet owners from stress and promote responsible pet ownership, Heidi Ganahl, CEO and Founder of ...

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Only the Dog Knows for Sure

Ollie on Beach

Ollie and I had just begun a walk along the shore of Atlantic Beach when we both spotted a trio of unleashed dogs. As we neared the pack, I tightened up on Ollie’s leash, knowing he’d be lunging to meet his fellow canine brethren. The first dog that approached growled and snapped at Ollie almost immediately. I could see what ...

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The Path to Wisdom

By Debbie Kalata At my collegiate cusp, I agonized with that nebulous thing called the rest of your life. I wanted it all, everything from architect to artist, doctor to designer, lawyer to linguist, right-brain, left-brain, definitely whole brain. While I ended heavily invested in finance and economics, it took Mac to foster growth in areas I lacked confidence. He ...

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5 New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

The numbers vary from survey to survey, but it’s safe to say that the majority of New Years resolutions are never kept. Forget about those promises to join a gym, we’ve got some doggy resolutions that will be easy to keep. I resolve to not get angry at my dog when it’s my own fault. If you know your dog ...

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