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“Forever” Chemicals Could be Affecting Your Dog, Too


by Laura Fourniotis, Blue Pearl Vet From nonstick cookware to clothing and cosmetics, industrial chemicals can be found in many of the items we use every day. One specific class of chemicals, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), are being used in more and more places, including some food packaging, clothing, cleaning products, and water supplies. Now, scientists have also found these chemicals in household pets (yes, ...

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Your Pets are Stressed, Too

Dr. Niwako Ogata, an associate professor of veterinary behavior medicine in Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine, says pets could be feeling secondhand anxiety from their owners who are coping with lifestyle changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Abbey Nickel, Purdue University The COVID-19 pandemic is creating emotional stress and anxiety for humans – but chances are, their furry companions are likely feeling the same way. Dr. Niwako Ogata, an associate professor of veterinary behavior medicine in Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, says pets could be feeling secondhand anxiety from their owners who are coping with ...

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Nontoxic Cleaning

adorable bulldog sitting beside cleaning supplies laughing

Tips brought to you by Durisan. House cleaning your home is a necessity—but you don’t have to use toxic and harmful cleaners. Here are a few of our favorite ways to clean your home thoroughly and regularly using nontoxic methods and cleaners to keep your home safe for your kids and pets.   Ingredients to Avoid There are plenty of ...

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Do You Know Pet First Aid?


Do you know how to perform CPR on your dog? How do you treat a cut on a paw? If a cat is limping, can you evaluate the injury? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking during National Pet First Aid Awareness Month this April. A PetFirst Pet Insurance1 poll of members last year indicated that for ...

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Corc Yoga’s Paw-Some New Dog Mats


Corc Yoga is already well-known by chaturanga champions and yoga novices alike for their line of 100% plastic & chemical free yoga mats and accessories made with cork harvested in Portugal, a renewable resource that simultaneously revitalizes the practice and supports an environmentally viable future.   And in honor of National Pet Day this Saturday, now our canine and feline companions can join in – introducing the Downward ...

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Pet Sitters Play Crucial Role in Emergency Pet-Care Planning


With sickness and/or hospitalization due to COVID-19 looming as a real possibility for many pet owners in the United States and across the world, Pet Sitters International (PSI) is encouraging pet owners to plan ahead for pet-care arrangements, just in case. PSI, the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters and dog walkers, encourages pet parents to contact their ...

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COVID-19 and Pets: What are the Risks?

Two dogs meeting on a walk

Whether or not your pet can become infected with the COVID-19 virus has produced some confusion. While some reports have surfaced that pets cannot contract the virus, other reports say it is still possible. So what’s the truth? “The facts haven’t really changed, although we continue to develop more nuanced understanding,” said Dr. Kate Creevy, associate professor of small animal ...

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10 Tips for Caring for a Pet During the COVID-19 Pandemic


During this global pandemic, many pet parents are finding themselves quarantined at home with their four-legged family members and facing related challenges they never imagined possible. More than 80 million American households are home to at least one feline or canine family member. RestoraPet, a pet health supplement that restores wellness in older pets experiencing age-related decline and boosts the health and ...

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5 Ways You and Your Pet can Shed Some Serious Pounds Together


Humans aren’t the only ones who tend to pack on a few extra pounds during the winter months. Our pets are susceptible to some unwanted weight gain as well. Being just 10% overweight reduces your pet’s life span by one-third and predisposes him or her to a variety of disorders ranging from arthritis and diabetes to cancer and heart disease. ...

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Moores Creek National Battlefield


Moores Creek National Battlefield is the site of the first Patriot victory in the American Revolution and it offers an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy a leisurely walk with your pup. The site is open daily from 9am-5pm but is closed on all Federal holidays. There are two easily walkable trails to explore – The History Trail and the ...

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