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Free Virtual Program Connecting Pets and People


Animal Farm Foundation has announced the launch of Pets Together, a free virtual program that allows those who are socially isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic to enjoy friendly interaction with pets (including dogs, cats, goats, horses, and other critters) and people. The goal of the program is to increase social connection and mitigate the loneliness that is a painful ...

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Dinner Time!


We’re very particular about what we feed our dogs and you should be, too. Here are a few options we’ve researched that get four paws up from both dog moms and taste testers. SquareEgg Leveraging the world’s most perfect protein source, SquarePet™ developed the SquareEgg dog food line.  With a cage-free egg and whey base, it provides an easy-to-digest and ...

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Dog Christmas Ornaments


Our Christmas tree is definitely decked out with many different dog-themed ornaments and we just couldn’t pass these up from Old World Christmas. Crafted of blown glass, they have a large assortment of dog breed ornaments (including our beloved pit bull!) as well as some generic dog-themed ornaments such as a dog bowl, bone, and dog house. Prices range from ...

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3 Tips to Keep Your Pooch Safe This Christmas


by Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller The festive season with sparkling Christmas trees and delicious food pose temptations for your pooch and are full of potential hazards. Many Christmas festivities take a bad turn when the party ends in a vet emergency. Here are my top 3 tips for enjoying a happy, safe and dog-proofed festive season. The Christmas tree and decorations ...

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Dogs Going to the Vet “Alone” Show Signs of Stress


Article reposted with permission of University of Guelph The current pandemic has many veterinary clinics asking pet owners to wait outside during appointments, but new research from the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) finds this new protocol might increase stress levels for dogs. The study, published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, found that dogs separated ...

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A Solution for Wrinkly Breeds


Some of the most adorable dog breeds around are the ones with wrinkles! Those very wrinkles and folds that make English Bulldogs, Frenchies, Pugs, Shar Peis and other popular wrinkly breeds so very loveable can also harbor moisture, yeast and bacteria. This makes for not only a stinky face, but can lead to discomfort and infection down the line. Squishface ...

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What Can I Give My Dog for Pain?

dog pain

Shared with permission from Honest Paws. See the original blog post here. One of the most common questions that veterinarians are asked is, “What can I give my dog for pain?” Doctor of Veterinary Medicine JoAnna Pendergrass (DVM) answers those questions. When your dog is in pain, it can be heartbreaking. No one likes to see their four-legged friend in any kind of ...

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Dog Breed Soy Candles


We love these dog breed soy candles! With individual and distinct fragrances each candle is designed to capture their unique breed standard and one-of-a-kind personality. For example, the Rescue candle has notes of green grass and warm sunshine because they like to say he or she is thankful for their new backyard or dog park! There are over 35 breeds ...

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Tips & Tricks for Traveling with Pets

Dog traveler

Compiled by RV Trader. RVing with pets can be a wonderful experience for you and your beloved furry friends. Check out nine tips to keep in mind when RVing with your pet.   Prepare Your Pet Does your pet do well in new situations and environments? If so, great! If not, going on a year-long adventure right off the bat ...

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NC is # 3 in the Nation for Pet Shelter Deaths


Best Friends Animal Society has released its 2020 pet lifesaving findings (consisting of statistics collected during 2019), which gives a national overview of the number of dogs and cats that enter shelters each year in the United States, and the number of dogs and cats that are leaving those shelters alive. Best Friends also released an inaugural state-by-state ranking of this data (view it here) and North Carolina is #3 in the country for pet shelter deaths. ...

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