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5 Halloween Safety Tips

Collie in Halloween Costume

We’re sure your poodle dressed up like a little devil or your dachshund running around in a hotdog costume has to be the cutest thing ever, but when your fur babies turn to the treats it’s another story. Help keep your pets safe this Halloween with these tips from David York, owner of Barking Hound Village. Keep Halloween décor such ...

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3 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Fur Babies


Hosting a birthday party for your fur baby is not only fun, but it’s a great way to socialize your pooch. Instead of heading over to a local dog park, which may be filled with large dogs that overwhelm your tiny little guy or overexcite your sweet center of attention, hosting a party at home makes it possible for you ...

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A Guide to Moving with Pets

Dog and Cat on couch

Whether it’s a move down the street or a trek across the country, moving with your pets can be overwhelming for both you and them. Larry Hawk, president of the ASPCA, says, “Moving is very stressful for a family. That stress is also experienced by the pets.” The universal rule of moving is to be as prepared as possible; however, ...

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An Unlikely Friendship

Black dog

The duck and the dog? Yes! These best friends live in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. It’s amazing how these creatures can form such a tight bond.

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6 Habits of Highly Effective Pet Owners

Girl with dog

Being a good pet owners starts from the moment you are thinking about getting a pet all the way through their life. To ensure you enrich your pets life as much as they do for you, below are key habits to ensure you an effective pet owner. Heidi Ganahl, CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow, the nation’s largest pet ...

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“Ollie” 2000-2015

Ollie Memorial Slider

It’s been more than two months since my sweet Ollie passed away. Yes, he is the “Ollie” in OllieDog Media, the name of my company and the inspiration behind Dog Living Magazine. I haven’t had the heart or the strength to write this memorial to him until now and even now, the tears flow down my cheeks as I think ...

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A Dog’s Last Chance

resting puppy

Petie, Saul, and Lychee rushed to greet me as I walked into the Muttville rescue house for senior dogs where I volunteer. “Hi there guys.”   The sound of my voice brought more dogs from the living room. I noticed three new dogs. One, a grey poodle mix, was walking wobbly, probably because of arthritis. The brown chihuahua was missing an ...

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Run Your Pet-Sitting Business From Your iPhone 6


As the owner of your own pet sitting business, you probably spend most of your working days on the go. Rather than working from a desk in a home office, your clients are four-legged beings who need to be walked, fed and loved. While the majority of your work is done at your clients’ homes, as a business owner you ...

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Canines for Service Charity Partner in 2015 American Humane Hero Dog Awards

Canines for Service Slider

Canines for Service has been named one of the service dog Charity Partners in the 2015 American Humane Hero Dog Awards.  The eight categories for 2015 are: Military Dogs, sponsored by the Zoetis Rimadyl K-9 Courage Program; Arson Dogs, sponsored by State Farm; Service Dogs, sponsored by Modern Dog magazine; Law Enforcement Dogs; Search and Rescue Dogs; Guide/Hearing Dogs; Therapy Dogs; and Emerging Hero Dogs, a category that pays tribute ...

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4 Tips to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly


We all love our pets. After all, dogs are man’s best friend. But what can we do to make our pups more comfortable in our homes? If you work a lot, travel often or spend a lot of time away from your home, you may worry about your dog. What will Fido do when you’re not around? There are different ...

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