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Doggy Getaway: Asheville, NC


If you’re looking for an easy dog-friendly getaway, you can’t get much more dog-friendly than Asheville, North Carolina. I took my two pups for a quick weekend trip and everywhere we went we were greeted with friendly faces. In addition to an endless amount of hiking opportunities the city also boasts dog-friendly dining, breweries, and shopping! Hiking It would be ...

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One Day at a Time


August was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in August 2016. I made the decision to amputate her leg immediately. As each day went by post-amputation August looked better and better. Cancer had taken her leg but not her spirit! I settled into a routine of cancer research, finding holistic supplements, and weekly vet visits. Through my limited research and advice from the ...

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A New Reality


When August was diagnosed with bone cancer it took a few days to sink in. Maybe it wasn’t bone cancer. Maybe there had just been a mistake. If it is, maybe she will be the exception and beat this. A lot of maybes. I didn’t know much about bone cancer yet, but the common theme in all the informational articles ...

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Bone Cancer Sucks


My 11-year-old August developed a slight limp in July of this year. I figured she had sprained her leg and didn’t give it much thought except to keep a closer eye on her to monitor the limp. She was still running and jumping like nothing was amiss, so I assumed it couldn’t be bothering her that bad and would get ...

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Dogs in cars

Pit Bull in Car Slider

I was working as a hostess at a restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina when two ladies walked through the door. They approached the hostess stand but before they asked for a table they wanted to let me know they were concerned about a dog barking in a car. “There is a dog, in a crate, in a car and the ...

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Preparing Pet Owners for Natural Disasters

Pit Bull Slider

Natural disasters often leave pet owners scrambling to find shelter not only for themselves but also for their animals. And while some people are faced with the unthinkable decision of leaving a pet behind, others are challenged with how to care for their pets under devastating circumstances. John Garcia, Emergency Response Manager at Best Friend Animal Society, offers the tips ...

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Help Your Pet Beat the Summer Heat

SEAACA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority; www.seaaca.org) is helping pet owners and animal lovers with useful tips on how to survive the summer’s high temperatures. In the summer heat, many cats, dogs, and other pets can suffer from a wide variety of ailments, including dehydration, exhaustion, heat stroke, and more. With a few preventive measures and safety precautions, however, pet ...

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OneMind Dogs’ Ultimate Doggy Guide to Summer Road Trips!

Dog Travel

88% percent of summer travelers will drive to their vacation destinations—and this means they can bring their four-legged and furry family members along for the fun. But what can you do to make sure that Fido has a happy, healthy, and tail-wagging good time? The in-house dog behavioral experts from OneMind Dogs—a  revolutionary dog teaching method out of Finland used by some of the world’s top agility trainers and their canine competitors—are ...

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How to Soothe Travel Anxiety in Your Pet


Travel is a fun way to bond with friends and family as you make new memories, and bringing your pet along for the ride can ensure an amazing time. However, traveling can be stressful for many pets, so you’ll want to keep a few of these tips in mind. Designate a Petter Have someone along for your trip whose sole ...

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5 Halloween Safety Tips

Collie in Halloween Costume

We’re sure your poodle dressed up like a little devil or your dachshund running around in a hotdog costume has to be the cutest thing ever, but when your fur babies turn to the treats it’s another story. Help keep your pets safe this Halloween with these tips from David York, owner of Barking Hound Village. Keep Halloween décor such ...

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