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3 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Fur Babies


Hosting a birthday party for your fur baby is not only fun, but it’s a great way to socialize your pooch. Instead of heading over to a local dog park, which may be filled with large dogs that overwhelm your tiny little guy or overexcite your sweet center of attention, hosting a party at home makes it possible for you ...

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Does Your Dog Have the Back to School Blues?

resting puppy

One family member in particular has a tough time transitioning from summer days to school year: your pet. In a survey of nearly 4,000 Americans conducted by Petplan pet insurance, pet owners reported a spike in separation anxiety in pets who lose summer companions to the classroom. Of those surveyed with “back-to-schoolers” in the household, 26% said their pet shows ...

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He’s Friendly! I Promise!

Two dogs meeting on a walk

by Chloe Anderson We’ve all been there, our dog is enjoying themselves in the park, chasing a ball and you become a little distracted by a text or conversation with friends. You take you eyes off them for just a second? Only to look up and see them bounding across the park towards an unsuspecting canine victim. This is the ...

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A Guide to Moving with Pets

Dog and Cat on couch

Whether it’s a move down the street or a trek across the country, moving with your pets can be overwhelming for both you and them. Larry Hawk, president of the ASPCA, says, “Moving is very stressful for a family. That stress is also experienced by the pets.” The universal rule of moving is to be as prepared as possible; however, ...

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Changing Your Puppy’s Diet from Commercial to Homemade

Hungry Bulldog

by Lew Olson, author of Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs Oftentimes, the first time we see our new puppy is after it has been whelped and reared. Chances are the puppy you bring home will not have been whelped and reared on a natural diet. We hope that once you get your puppy home, you will choose to feed ...

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Sun Protection Tees

gold paw tee3

Our dogs may be covered in fur but that doesn’t mean they are immune to sunburn. Summer is only half way over so there are plenty more hot days to come. Gold Paw Series offers the perfect sun-protection option with their new Sun Shield Tee. This shirt for fido offers UV protection but is designed for warm weather comfort. The ...

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An Unlikely Friendship

Black dog

The duck and the dog? Yes! These best friends live in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. It’s amazing how these creatures can form such a tight bond.

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Collar Keepsake

collar keepsake

My sweet Ollie passed away in April and his bowl, collar, and leash still sit in a bag in the garage because I don’t know what to do with them. I’m not ready to throw them away, but I’m also not ready to use them for any other dog. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in ...

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For the Pet Owner who has Everything


We all have that friend who is difficult to buy for. That friend who has everything. Here is something they might not have – A novelty toaster! These toasters will imprint over a dozen different dog breeds on your morning toast. In addition, there is also a toaster that toast your bread with a paw print on one side and ...

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6 Habits of Highly Effective Pet Owners

Girl with dog

Being a good pet owners starts from the moment you are thinking about getting a pet all the way through their life. To ensure you enrich your pets life as much as they do for you, below are key habits to ensure you an effective pet owner. Heidi Ganahl, CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow, the nation’s largest pet ...

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