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Is Eating Chocolate Really Bad for my Dog?

young vet in training listens to her young patent

Chocolate is one of the most common forms of toxicity that we deal with in dogs. The answer to whether or not ingestion of chocolate will be fatal is not exactly straightforward. The reason for this is that different types of chocolate contain different amounts of the toxic substance, methylxanthines. The more pure the chocolate, the more methylxanthines it contains. ...

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Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Pet loss

All of the sudden you walk into the door and there is emptiness, you see no pet there to greet you curling around your legs, wagging his tail, attempting to please you, The one who sits at your feet or curls up on your lap with no judgment at all.As a Psychologist, I said to a friend “listening and sharing ...

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Is Bad Breath a Sign of Bad Health?

Dog with underbite Slider

Most often, canine bad breath is caused by dental or gum disease.   However, persistent bad breath can also indicate larger medical problems in the mouth, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, or organs.  Dr. Jeff Werber has answers to all of your “bad breath” questions. Does a dog’s breath ever smell “good”? It depends on the person. Most people, certainly myself, can’t ...

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New Furry Concierge at The Jefferson, Washington, DC

Jefferson, DC

Lord Monticello, known as “Monti” to his friends and admirers at The Jefferson, Washington, DC, is the newest furry addition to the hotel’s family. Presiding as the first official Canine Executive Officer [CEO], Monti embodies many of the admirable traits so useful in the hospitality industry; being intelligent, companionable, good humored and willing to do whatever it takes for a ...

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A Painted Pet

Pet Portraits

I’ve seen the work of so many pet portrait artists and each time I say to myself, “That’s so cool. I should get portraits done of our dogs.” I’ve been saying that for at least as long as I’ve had my dogs and my oldest, Ollie, is going on 14. Why is getting a portrait done something we talk about ...

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Ahhh, Massage!

Dog Massage

Massages are wonderful. We crave them, we beg for them, and sometimes, we even get them. Your four-legged friend might be craving a massage too. Massage therapy has been integrated into and widely accepted as a supplement to traditional medical care for humans. Now the trend is entering the pet world. Massage increases circulation and flushes out toxins in the ...

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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Pet Sitter

Pet Sitting

The folks at DogVacay offer up a few tips to make the process of finding reliable pet care a little bit easier: 1. Interview your potential pet-sitter, and have your pet interview them too. Not only should the pet-sitter meet your expectations upon your meet and greet but they should also get the stamp of approval from Fido. The sitter’s ...

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ASPCA Declares April 8 “National Dog Fighting Awareness Day”

ASPCA Dog Fighting Awareness Slider

ASPCA features inside look at dog fighting in America with Google+ Hangout, virtual museum, interactive quiz, and new digital short “Life on a Chain” As part of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month in April, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) designates April 8 National Dog Fighting Awareness Day ( to raise awareness of ...

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Tether Tug Keeps your Pup Entertained

Tether Tug Dog Toy

Does your dog enjoy playing tug? Can he or she wear you out after several minutes of play? You might want to try the Tether Tug. According to the website Tether Tug is “a durable, interactive toy designed to provide your dog with hours of fun and play.” It’s basically a metal base inserted into the ground with a durable ...

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I’m Getting my Portrait Done

Ollie Slider

A portrait? Of moi? Yup. I guess mom has decided I am important enough to commission a portrait! There are many talented portrait artists out there, but Todd Belcher of Jimmy Dog Design Group is one of mom’s favorites. Mom is pretty new to this whole portrait business and figures a lot of you would be too. That’s why she’s going to ...

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